Bluetooth Hands Free Accessories

Since laws in the US and Canada introduced hands free driving laws, the roads are a lot safer and with the right bluetooth hands free accessories for your car, you can make sure you are legal and safe.

Everyday we use our smartphones more and more for many different reasons. A hands free bluetooth car kit will keep your hands on the wheel and is easily integrated into your car stereo for ease of use and clarity.  Making phone calls while you are driving is sometimes necessary and a common part of life.


Unfortunately, people continue to cause vehicle accidents, while holding their phone to their ear or typing something into their phones. Make sure something like this doesn’t happen to you or a loved one and get the useful bluetooth hands free accessories for your car, truck or SUV.

Advantages of using bluetooth hands free accessories while operating a vehicle:

  • Voice dialling – say “call home” and your stereo will mute while your call is placed. You can also say “call Dad – work” to call a person on a specific phone number.
  • Multipoint – Connect 2 phones to your hands free bluetooth device. Perfect for people that carry a personal and work phone with them.
  • Safe Driving – Focus on the road with your hands on the wheel.
  • Legal – Not only is distracted driving dangerous, but it can also cost you a lot of money in fines and tickets.
  • Convenient – It’s much easier, to say “answer” than to pull your vehicle over and pick up the phone to answer a call.

Come down to Audio One’s new showroom and speak to one of our experienced staff and let us help you choose a bluetooth car kit accessory in Niagara Falls, NY or the surrounding areas for your car or truck.

bluetooth hands free accessories