Marine Audio and Video

marine audio and video High quality stereo systems are not just for the road and home entertainment any more. With Audio One’s Marine Audio and Video products you are no longer limited to where you can experience amazing audio performance.

We all love getting out on the Lake Erie or the Niagara River here in Western New York, and while listening to the water and wind is enjoyable for a while, everyone loves having a great sounding marine stereo.marine audio and video

What makes marine sound systems different than car audio?

In a boat, the elements can be rough, even on a calm day. Your system is exposed to water, sun, rain, dew and moisture. Fortunately, Audio One carries boat stereo systems designed to take that abuse and deliver an amazing quality sound at the same time.

Your car stereo system is not exposed to such environments, so your marine audio system must withstand the harsh UV rays from the sun, being sprayed from waves and having the bottom of the boat being slammed down on the surface of the water.

Why you need Marine Audio and Video gear for your boat!

If you were to put just any stereo in your boat, they would quickly degrade and you will soon regret not buying the right product to be installed in the right place.

Audio One carries boat stereo systems, amplifiers and boat speakers that are waterproof, UV resistant, anti-corrosion, water resistant and has shock absorption. We carry the industry leading brands of JL Audio Marine and Alpine Marine.

Marine Video

Much like car video, marine video monitors can be placed on headrests and overhead, depending on the type of boat you have. However, Audio One can install a waterproof marine video screen on your boat in many other places such as, inside a boat cabin, mounted to a wall, or anywhere where it makes sense for the type of boat you have.

That gives you many reasons why you need a marine stereo system for your boat. Since Audio One has a large selection of marine audio and video products, most of our clients find it’s best to stop down at our showroom and speak with an expert to find out what you need for your boat.

Stop by the showroom at Audio One for Marine Audio in Niagara Falls, NY and the surround areas.