Overhead and Headrest Video

Looking for a way to enjoy road trips without having to constantly find ways to entertain your kids in the back? Stop by Audio One’s huge showroom and check out all the new and cutting-edge overhead and headrest video products we have available.headrest and overhead video

Having a mobile DVD player for shopping trips, running errands or driving kids to sporting activities proves to be a life saver and ultimate stress reliever. Kids in the back seat can be watching their favorite movie or streaming a video from their iPhone or iPod leaving you free to focus on the road ahead. The video the kids are watching in the back won’t disrupt Mom & Dad up front, because they are listening on their wireless headphones. The parents can stay focused on the road, keeping everyone safe and enjoy the vehicle stereo system or just relax and listen to the silence. The headrest mobile video, mobile DVD player and overhead car DVD players are the most popular in cars and trucks today.


Which one is right for you and your vehicle?

Auto DVD Players

Car DVD players and truck DVD players are the same, just installed in different makes and models. Fortunately, Audio One has a wide range of auto DVD players to choose from whether you have a car, truck or minivan and regardless if it’s a foreign or domestic vehicle.

The two most popular types of back seat screens are the overhead monitor and headrest monitors. Depending on what type of vehicle you have and how many people are going to be viewing the monitors, each type has their own advantages.

Headrest Video

The most popular type today are the headrest mobile video monitors with auto DVD players built in. You can choose to get them as a digital media monitor which allows you to connect them to mobile devices, like iPads.

Most headrest video monitors are 7” to 9” and typically have auto dvd players, A/V and USB inputs built in and work with wireless headphones that can be linked to each screen. Allowing you to watch different videos on different screens. No fighting on what movie to watch!

Overhead DVD Players

The other type of mobile video monitor is the overhead DVD player. They offer a wider range of screen size from 9” all the way up to 22” making them perfect for trucks, SUVs and minivans with a third row seating.

Overhead DVD players are also less expensive, because it’s quicker to install and there are less wires, but have the same wireless headphone capability and inputs.

With so many options of video types, screen size and vehicle make and model, most of our clients find it best to visit our showroom and speak to one of our experts. Here you can check out the headrest and overhead video options we offer and select the best system the fits your vehicle and needs.

Stop by our showroom for Overhead and Headrest video in Niagara Falls, NY and the surrounding areas.